Fashion Exhibit @ E. W. Clark High School

Las Vegas, NV Location

In April of 2015, permission was granted from the St. Louis Board of Directors to launch a satellite program in     Las Vegas, NV. Our first Summer session was held at Ed W. Clark High School. Each Summer program is held at a different high school based on availability, during summer school sessions. Our goal is to find a permanent building that is centrally located in                Las Vegas, Nevada.

Working hard on collections


The Studio Place Provides comprehensive job skill training to meet the requirements for employment opportunities in the fashion industry and beyond. Through interactive project based teaching, students become efficient in the following areas:

Basic to advanced sewing, pattern drafting and draping

Graphic Design, Microsoft Office Suite, Photoshop and CAD programs

Written and oral communication

Marketing and merchandising your brand/Fashion as a business

Personal development and   The ART of Dressing

Teen Talk


We are taking a holistic approach by offering multiple intervention services in one location to increase success by offering:

Adult supervision after school and summers

Incentive Program

Youth Development   Interpersonal Skills, Leadership, Creativity, Effective Communication, Conflict Resolution, Teamwork, Citizenship and Community Awareness

Career training with potential job placement




Other Services Offered

We also offer educational opportunities such as links to GED programs, visits to college campuses and workshops with local business experts.

At the completion of our program, students will receive a certificate of completion. Our mentees will become mentors by giving back to their communities and reaching out to help their peers.

NEW!! Now Offering Adult Classes

Last Summer we offered an Adult class for the first time! The adults followed a shorter version of our curriculum but still came up with their own company names, logo and target market in hopes of starting a home based business!

Workshop-Shan Keith finalist from Project Runway

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